Cleveland Management represents Denmark's leading stomp-perfomance group, HeartBeat Group,and the scary interesting lectureThe Occult Denmark. Throughout the year Cleveland arranges many different jobs with various performing artists in the whole country. For the past 20 years Cleveland have had a close working relationship with the Danish singer and musical performer, Stig Rossen, both as a record label, A&R, art director, producer and tour/production manager.

In 1996 I founded Cleveland and later LiveConcept which today has etablished a strong foothold in the Danish music industry and cooperates with a long line of serious business partners. My work ethic, and my approach to my business partners, clients and jobs, is built on six core values: commitment, respect, loyality, discretion, transparency and quality.


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The scary interesting lecture - The Occult Denmark.

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The audience is invited to a versatile show experience where the boundaries are moved for rhythmic storytelling.

Bursting with energy Heartbeat Group has existed and toured with great success as a stomp group since 2009 with over 100 annual performances.

Their high energy stomp and humorous drama with a loving twist hits home with all ages and therefore Heartbeat and their show has been widely used in many different kinds of events around Denmark and Europe ranging from television appearances, conferences, shareholder meetings, company parties, school - and family concerts, festivals, workshops, team building to stomp parades. In their show each number tells its own story, often without words. In this way the rhythm is creating the frame while facial expressions are the storyteller.

Stomp is a common name for rhythm on anything but conventional instruments being played on anything from huge barrels and plastic containers to small camping cups and the body.

With warmth and a twinkle of the eye Nils, Thomas, Søren and Morten radiate far beyond the stage and invite their captivated audiences to participate.

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